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        • Meditation effect
        • DATE£º 2021/6/2¡¡HITS£º2791¡¡
        • Physiological regulationCan meditation really strengthen the body? Modern medicine believes that meditation, like other psychological processes, has a physiological basis. During meditation, all kinds of cells in the brain are connected in a new way and play a new regulatory role in other organs of the body to change their functional activities, so as to improve the immune function of the human body and effectively control all kinds of infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergic reaction diseases and so on.Of course, if meditation can be combined with other medical measures, the effect can be even more significant.radiantThis is a unique and novel beauty recipe, can make people radiant and energetic. This method is very simple, as long as you choose in the heart of the most envious, beautiful, strong and healthy people, a free time, close your eyes to think of her (he), as well as healthy and well-balanced figure. In the long run, you will be surprised to find that your appearance and body will become similar to her (him), and how much more beautiful you will become. Meditation hairdressing law is not limited sooner or later, use sitting posture, stand posture commonly, the movement does not ask normal, but had better be in the environment more quiet and tasteful place, be like the park or comfortable indoor. Elderly people, had better forget their own age, often meditate on a handsome youth or their own young style, will be twice the result with half the effort. The patient with not agile joint of hands and feet, often meditate the wonderful performance of a gymnast or dancer, can make oneself gradually flexible rise. A full of youthful vitality of the young people, if the heart to use this method, the effect is self-evident.Deserve it probablyEvery morning or before you go to bed, relax yourself, immerse yourself in silence, feel the dialogue with your soul, find yourself, and your life will be more harmonious and energetic.There are many meditation methods, mainly derived from Hinduism, Indian Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism, most of which focus on "stillness". Here are three of the more popular meditation practices.
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