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        • When doing meditation practice, must be in a quiet environment, undisturbed, best practice at the same time the same place every day, it is easier to concentrate, the posture of practice must be comfortable, to be able to keep stable for a long time did not move and not tired, have to do a few slow deep breath before practice, to calm down, the state of meditation.Due to the different requirements and forms of various schools, schools, religions and ministries, there are many names of yoga, among which the common ones are strict observance of precepts, regulating breath and purifying qi, concentration meditation, etc. According to the Yoga Sutra, there are eight parts of yoga: abstinence, keeping precepts, sitting posture, regulating breath, controlling sensation, holding absorption, meditation and samadhi.There are many scriptures in Buddhism, either dealing with yoga or focusing on yoga, which make yoga an integral part of the Buddhist practice method. And the ultimate meaning of yoga is "meditation". It concentrates its desire, love, and hope under the same principle for deep meditation.
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